Update: Pine Street Plaza and Pedestrian Bridge to Remain Open Until July 15


The City of Pullman, its consulting team, and our project partners are committed to supporting businesses during the construction phase.
We are committed to maintaining pedestrian access on Main Street to businesses through the construction period. Currently, the draft contract instructs the contractor to limit business door access closures to no more than three days to allow for the new sidewalk in front of a business to be formed, poured, and cured. If the contractor needs more than three days to perform this work, they will be required to provide temporary ADA-compliant access, typically firm wood ramping, to provide customer access to buildings.

We will work with each section of downtown to coordinate merchandise deliveries, as well as ensure food delivery services such as DoorDash and Delivery Pullman have the necessary access to businesses.

All sidewalk “furniture” must be removed to expedite demolition and construction. For businesses with privately-owned furniture or amenities on the sidewalk, these items must be removed no later than March 31, 2024.

Business owners who wish to activate their sidewalk after construction is completed will need to establish a new ground lease. The City of Pullman anticipates accepting applications for new ground leases beginning on October 1, 2024.

Communication to stakeholders in downtown Pullman will resume in July and continue through August and September 2023, with scheduled one-on-one meetings with business and property owners to review the project design adjacent to their property and share details about the project to ensure businesses have adequate information and time to prepare for construction in 2024 and identify any potential challenges to be managed.

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